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Upright freezer 5 - Top freezer counter depth refrigerator.

Upright Freezer 5

upright freezer 5

A Goldfish "Tale"...

A Goldfish "Tale"...

©2008 Susan Ogden- All Rights Reserved

I own a goldfish named "roger". Let me rephrase that...i INHERITED a goldfish named roger. My youngest daughter got him when she was a sophomore or junior in highschool. When she was going off to college, she was going to take roger too. getting roger to Richmond, Virginia was a slight problem with her car packed like a sardine can and our truck too. This is a girl who is able to cram more stuff in less space than anyone i know! Roger had to stay behind with the promise that she would take him if i would take care of him until she could get home and then she would take him back...uh-huh! Sure....

She will be graduating in June and roger is still here...i am beginning to think he may be a Guinness Book of records goldfish, who will outlive us all.

Roger is a VERY high maintenance goldfish. He gets high on his filter bubbles and i have had to cut him off, cold turkey. When he gets too much oxygen, he takes to floating on his back, and appears to be ready for the big tank in the sky. the only way to get him topside again is to take a few peas out of the freezer and thaw them...then squeeze out the pea from the shell, put it on a skewer and FEED roger the do this i need to scoop him out of his tank and put him in what i refer to as his hospital bowl. He seems to know he needs the peas and willingly eats the pieces off the skewer. usually they take effect in about 5-10 minutes and he can then maintain an upright position, in his hospital bowl. As a precaution, i leave him there overnight with a few bits of peas, cover his hospital room with a small wire basket (would be a shame to save him and have him devoured by a cat!) and then in the morning, transfer him back to the bowl where he lives.

Roger has had a few narrow escapes, when my husband has found him in this upside down position and came VERY close to flushing him to fish heaven! He now knows the pea trick...altho he just put whole peas in the hospital room bowl with roger...poor roger kept trying to ingest huge whole peas.

Roger IS a high maintenance goldfish, and i am trying to keep him alive so i can give him back to my daughter...and let her have the pleasure of attempting to keep him alive! After all, what are mom's for if they can't get revenge!

20 cubic upright

20 cubic upright

Illona, I am sure you are so much more arranged than this.. I am laughing at myself looking at this mess...

This is one of my 3 dog freezers. I have a 12 cubic and 11 cu bic chest frrezer and then I have a 20 cubic upright. NO human food in any of them!!

Yes my dogs eat better than me and I eat very well myself:)

upright freezer 5

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